II. Unveiling the New SmugMug - companyhistory

All eyes on us.

In our 11 year history, we've never before organized an event as wide-reaching, public, and high-stakes as our July 30, 2013 launch event and worldwide live stream. So, why now? 

It was pretty simple, really. Our customers had been waiting patiently for a long time for us to act on their most passionate requests - make SmugMug easier to use, more beautiful, faster. It was time to give them what they wanted.

  • Launch Day, 6:08am. User Interface Designer Keenan Wells skips the drive home to SF and instead crashes on an empty couch for a few hours of sleep.

  • Launch Day, 7:30am. The launch event is 2 hours away, but the NYTimes has broken the news of the new SmugMug early. Director of Marketing Denise Gamboa in action.

  • Launch Day, 8:00am. Shortly after the news of the new SmugMug breaks early, Head of Community Katherine Cheng scours social media and news to monitor PR coverage of the launch. So far, so good.

  • Launch Day, 8:15am. You can plan as carefully as you want, but inevitably, there's always a loose end that needs to be tied up. This happens to us too, and we act quickly to get it done. Pictured L-R: Evan Deffley, Emily Chen, Bobby Yang, Keenan Wells, Vilen Rodeski.

  • Launch Day, 9:10am. The Quality Assurance Team reviews a list of bug fixes. Things are looking good. Pictured L-R: Eric Petruno, Quality Assurance Tester Chris Skopec, Evan Deffley.

  • Launch Day, 9:30am. Our Technical Ops team monitors SmugMug.com to make sure that our systems stay up and running. Pictured L-R: Ops Sorcerer Ryan Doherty, Ops Sorcerer Andrew Shieh, Ops Sorcerer Travis Theune.

  • Launch Day, 9:50am. Our studio will soon be filled with 100+ customers, friends, and media. Some have come from as far away as Washington to attend our event. Brian Strong sits alone on stage, taking in a moment of peace before doors open.

  • Launch Day, 10:00am. Katherine Cheng monitors and responds to a large number of excited Twitter and Facebook comments already coming through.

  • Launch Day, 10:00am. SmugMug's headquarters are famed among customers and photo lovers, and we make sure to guide guests through a hallway lined with epic panorama prints.

  • Launch Day, 10:10am. Toni MacAskill helps guests find their seats.

  • Launch day, 10:10am. The excitement in the air is palpable. Guests arrived up to an hour early to get a seat at the event.

  • Launch Day,10:15am. Brian Strong pauses minutes before the launch to savor the moment.

  • Launch Day, 10:15am. Anton Lorimer is ready to shoot B-roll of the event.

  • Launch Day, 10:15am. Chris MacAskill is already amazed.

  • Launch Day, 10:20am. Just 10 minutes until our event kicks off, and we're already at standing room only.

  • Launch Day, 10:20am. Ten minutes until go time. Don MacAskill will kick off the event with a brief introduction. Brian Strong will then follow with the first ever public demonstration of the new SmugMug. Thousands have already tuned in for the live broadcast. Many thousands more will view the recording in the days to come.

  • Launch Day, 10:25am. The stage is set and everyone is seated. Just a few minutes until we begin.

  • Launch day, 10:30am. Don MacAskill surprises everyone by leaping to the stage in one jump.

  • Launch Day, 10:35am. Don MacAskill gives the world the very first peek at the new SmugMug and the inspiration behind this huge undertaking: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xvcm3ba8nw

  • The following images show moments from the 30 minute unveiling of the new SmugMug. View the recording at http://www.ustream.tv/smugmug.