III. Celebrating the New SmugMug - companyhistory

At last.

We opened the gates to the new SmugMug the morning of July 30. The launch event started at 10:30am and then by 11:00am, it was time to celebrate. In true SmugMug style, we had friends, food, pets and a photo booth.

Approaching our launch day, some thought that there might be a sense of relief and closure - "We did it!" But the truth is, this is just the beginning. 

There is much more work to be done. We can't wait to show you what we've got coming next.
  • It feels like almost no time has passed since Don MacAskill started SmugMug in a spare room in his parents' house. Toni and Chris MacAskill believed in the company from day 1 and now hug to celebrate how far Smuggy has come.

  • The guests have left and the office is quiet again. Vilen Rodeski and Brian Strong sip coffee and read tweets about the new SmugMug. After two years of secrecy, they are relieved and excited to finally be able to show the world what they've been working on.

  • Cheers!

  • Cupcakes and more cupcakes.

  • Smuggy cupcakes.

  • Grilled cheese truck!

  • We all swear to go on salad diets... as soon as we polish off an extra cheesy, extra buttery grilled cheese.

  • We raise our glasses to toast the beginning of a new chapter in SmugMug history.

  • Excitement and interest in the new SmugMug is already record-high, and everyone in the company chips in to answer customer emails.

  • Data Scientist Anya gives an updates on site statistics.

  • Brian Strong and Michael Bonocore read an enthusiastic post about the new SmugMug.

  • Evan Deffley and Lee Shepherd hug it out.

  • SmugMug dogs are used to a variety of treats and torments, including the occasional dress-up session. Hey, anything for a good photo, right?

  • Team high five!